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A & I Marketing, Inc.
315 Baker Way
 Camano Island, WA. 98282 

   Phone: 206.972.5260

   Phone: 206.499.2548

   Phone: 541.990.5564

   Phone: 206.240.3054

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Phone: 800.752.7229
Fax: 626.581.3423
West coast manufacturer of Drill Bushings, Tooling Components and Hoist Rings.

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Phone: 800.553.5113
Fax: 800.433.7715
High Swiss Precision Finish Boring Heads – .078" thru 46" diameter, Automatic Balance & Pre-Balanced Heads; Twin Insert Roughing Boring Heads – .787" thru 46" diameter; Modular "KA" Shank Tool System.

    click for more info  Big Plus dual contact spindle system offers high accuracy, high   rigidity. Simultaneous dual contact system maintaining interchangeability with existing standards. New Baby collet chucks with .00004" TIR — standard or Mega series with high precision balance. High Power milling chucks. Profit maker series — Angle Heads, HiJet Holders, High Spindle increasers. Capto tooling for multitasking.
    click for more info Pre-Setters, High Precision – Heavy Duty, Optical & PC based Vision System; Bench and Floor Models — X (dia) 12" — 40", Z (len) 16" — 53"; .0001" TIR Spindles; Manual, Motorized & CNC Controlled; Software Programs — Job/Tool Programming, Post Processor / G-Code Editor for down loading Pre-Set offsets; Built for the Shop Environment; Full Up-Grade / Retrofit capable in the Field.
    click for more info Quick-Change Fixture Clamping System. Fast part / fixture changes with .0002" repeatability. Air presser to UNCLAMP. No lines or cords needed to be connected while clamped. Self locking mechanical clamping with 5 tons of clamping force.

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Phone: 800.752.8035
Fax: 989.269.9559
Cat-V, BT, HSK, NMTB, R8 and Special Rotary Milling Machine Tooling; End Mill Holders, Shell / Face Mill Holders, Collet Chuck Holders — (DA, TG, & ER series collets), Morse & Jacob Taper Holders; 10,000, 20,000 & 30,000 RPM Balanced.
    click for more info Thermal Contraction Toolholding System, Shrink Fit Tooling; Great TIR, Great Holding Power for your Cutting Tools.

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Phone: 513.860.9900
Fax: 513.860.9992
As the industry leader, Heule Tool Corporation manufactures the highest quality, most reliable cutting tools designed to give you a superior finished part off the machine. You can find Heule Tool Corporation tools in some of the world's largest manufacturers and the smallest machine shops.
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Phone: 800.553.8024
Fax: 563.386.7660
Since 1919 M.A. Ford® has grown from a small mid-west maker of rotary files to a leading manufacturer of Standard, High Performance and Custom Cutting tools with manufacturing and distribution facilities all over the world.

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Phone: 800.543.3580
Fax: 603.539.2183
Fixture Clamps and Stops, Small & low profile, Modular and easy to design special fixtures; Uniforce Clamps; Compact Tow Clamps; Stainless Steel Strap Clamps; Kopal Mini Clamps; Dyna-Force Clamps; OK-Vice; Mono-Bloc Clamps.
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Phone: 800.999.7346
Fax: 317.870.5955
ER Collet Inventor! Precision ER Collets to .0002" TIR. Precision and High Gripping Collet Nuts (All machine shanks available). Balance Rings available for all holders. Balance Machine. NEW — PowRgrip — Press Fit Tool Holders up to ¾", with high gripping forces and .0001" TIR. Spindle Speeders and Angle Heads.
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Phone: 800.645.4174
Manufacturer of Metalworking Performance Accessories – Filtermist; Collet Chucks, Collet Closers & Collet Fixtures; Rota-Rack; Live Centers; Bar Pullers; Albrecht Drill Chuck and more.
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Phone: 800.635.0657
Fax: 602.272.0717
High Precision Modular Fixtures; Tooling Subplates, Columns for Horizontal Mill Pallets (tombstones), Angle Plates — All with High Accuracy Grid Pattern; High Accurate set-up Tooling.

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